When I have time I enjoy competing in Gundog working tests through the summers months, awards achieved include:

Killyrudden Mousa (Lilly)


Lily is now fully retired from competition and in the season full time picking up dog.

Achievements include;

Midland Gundog Society      Puppy                    July 2012            2nd

Usk Valley Retriever Club     Puppy                    March 2013        C of M

United Retriever Club           Special Puppy      August 2013       3rd

Wye Valley Retriever Club    Novice                   August 2013       C of M

United Retriever Club           Novice                   September 2013 2nd

Usk Valley Retriever Club     Novice                   March 2014        1st

Wye Valley Retriever Club    Open                     May 2015           C of M

MGR Club                                Intermediate       May 2015           3rd

United Retriever Club           Intermediate       July 2014            4th

GRC of Wales                         Open                     July 2015            C of M

CWRC                                       Intermediate       July 2016            3rd

Wye Valley Retriever Club    Intermediate       July 2016            1st

Willowyck Harry (Harry)


Achievements include;

Usk Valley Retriever Club              Puppy        June 2016          3rd

Wye Valley Retriever Club             Puppy        June 2016          2nd

CWRC                                                Puppy        July 2016            C of M

Wye Valley Retriever Club             Puppy        July 2016            3rd

Usk Valley Retriever Club              Puppy        August 2016       2nd

LRCW                                                Puppy        August 2016       1st

GRCW                                                Novice     April 2017        C of M

MGRC                                          Intermediate  April 2017       1st

Usk valley                                    Novice            August 2017 1st

URC                                         Open                  April 2018   C of M

Bristol and West                    Open                June 2018       C of M

Gundog Novice Field Trials

Usk Valley                                September 2017  3rd

Bristol and West                    October 2017        2nd

LRCW                                        October 2017      C of M.

Barronsbridge Peterhouse ( George)

Achievements include:

Usk Valley Retreiver Club     Novice     June 2018   C of M

CWLRC                                Special Puppy   June 2018   C of M.

URC                                   Special Puppy          July 2018    1st


Kossack at Bucksbrow

Kossack, my faithful loyal companion